Most Bangin’ Biscuits

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CURRENT CHAMPION: The Squawking Goat @ Maple Street Biscuit Company – St Johns, FL Their Squawking Goat = Fried Chicken + Pepper Jelly + Fried Goat Cheese Medallion in a life changing combination.  I can’t emphasize enough, this chicken and biscuit might change your life.  My buddy Chris and his wife Alex swore they hated […]

Thor of The Mountains (We Found A Trailer!)

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Just want to give a quick note.  We had previously found an Airstream, a 27-foot six-sleeper conveniently located in central Florida!  However, the deal fell through We kept searching and searching and finally found a beautiful Bunkhouse Airstream (30-foot)!  Conveniently (sarcasm intended) located in depths of the Rocky Mountain State – Golden, CO.  And yes, […]

Groundhog Day

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step 1: downsize most of the stuff in your house that you won’t be taking with you anywhere Moving was a long painful process. We went through every single item in every room of the house and got rid of everything that we weren’t going to ever use again. All decorations, clothing, furniture, books, movies, […]