The Top 5 Reasons We’re Taking Our Adventure in an Airstream

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One of the top questions we get when we tell our friends and family we are going full-time, after of course “Why are you doing this?”, is “What made you decide to go with an Airstream?”

Great question.  Here for you are the Top 5 reasons we chose Airstream.

#1: The View

Every camper and RV I have even been in feels to me very shut in.  Kinda like being trapped in wall-to-wall “campground brown”.  Airstreams offer a 270 degree window view on the front and back that make you feel truly connected with nature and your surroundings.  We are taking this adventure to see the vast beauty of our country.  Even when I am making scrambled eggs I want to be able to see and appreciate as much of nature as possible.


#2: The Tow

We are not truck people.  And we have zero experience towing.  So going full-time and entering unfamiliar areas and terrains, safety is top priority.   With every dealership or trailer person we spoke to, they all say the same thing, “Nothing tows like an airstream”.  The combination of the quality of the build and the natural aerodynamic shape make for easier towing. Plus the design of the curved frame gives you more visibility from behind.

#3: The Value

Airstream is definitely not the cheapest or cheap in any way.  They are expensive, period.  That’s because of the craftsmanship that goes into every unit.  Airstream boasts 60-70 percent of all airstreams EVER made are still rolling down the highways!  So as long as you don’t buy new, there’s a good chance you can get back close to your initial investment.  Great for us, because while this journey has no planned end date, I do believe we will be in a house again some day.

#4: The Simplicity

There are some pretty unreal campers out on the market now.  I’m talking fireplaces and granite counter top islands you can walk around – with so much room their slide outs have slide outs.  It’s like a traveling hotel room! 


For us, part of this adventure is about doing things simpler.  Airstream offers a high comfort but simple way to travel the open road.  And we love that.


#5: The Feel

There is just something about an Airstream that feels like home.  There’s a reason a whole movement of rehabbing and “shabbing up” Airstreams has arisen which you don’t see with other trailers or campers.  It’s not just because they last long, it’s because Airstreams represent something.  They represent the ideal of making the open road your home and the willingness to simplify without sacrificing comfort or personality. 

Simply put, we think they’re beautiful.

There you have it.  Maybe when the girls get bigger you’ll find me trading our Airstream for a 5th wheel with 94 slide-outs and an indoor hot tub.  Um, probably not.  For now, we couldn’t imagine doing this adventure in anything but an Airstream.

4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Reasons We’re Taking Our Adventure in an Airstream

  1. Nice to hear of your comfortable travelling. Was sure cabin fever was going to e overwhelming. Guess not. Actually thought you decided to see this great country from the inside of a box. So much for my lack of info.Always knew you preferred things simple and basic and this corroborates my impression.

  2. Have a great time be safe and its a trip of a life time. I did a month many years ago which I could have done what you are doing. Enjoy

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