Introducing the “Most Bangin'” Series

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I am starting this series because I love food.  Most of my best memories growing up are anchored to food.  I remember Christmas because of the cookie lineup my mom would religiously bake… Sunday’s at Grandma’s because of her red sauce… and Sunday’s at my other Grandma’s because of potato croquettes fried in recycled oil (Grandma wasn’t being green, she just didn’t want to buy more oil, it added some crazy carcinogenic flavor!)

I believe the right bite, skillfully prepared, is something you can vividly remember for years.  It is like my most favorite scene in Ratatouille, where Ego takes a bite of the the little Chef’s masterpiece and is instantly transported back to his childhood.  Ego later exclaims that the dish “rocked him to his core”.  I like to call this “bangidy-bang-goodness”.  Food so delicious that you want more while you are still chewing.  Food so tasty that you know something special is happening the moment the first bite touches your lips.

It is with this passion for food I am on the lookout for the most bangin’ versions I can find across the US of some of my favorite dishes.

As we venture cross country, north, south and everywhere in between I will be hunting for:

  • The Most Bangin’ Burger
  • The Most Bangin’ Biscuit
  • The Most Bangin’ Breakfast
  • The Most Bangin’ Street Taco
  • The Most Bangin’ Pie
  • The Most Bangin’ BBQ
  • The Most Bangin’ Whatever (because some things don’t fall into a category)

Let the games begin!

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