In Review: Asheville, NC

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Last time we were in Asheville was over 6 years ago.  Mama was pregnant with tons of morning sickness.  Not the best way to explore such a tasty town.  We did get to watch a lot of Stanley Cup Playoff hockey which was awesome.

I really dig Asheville.  Smokey Mountains all around.  Wild yellow daffodils everywhere in springtime.  And a very cool juxtaposition of the upscale, touristy “Biltmore Village” shopping, boutiques and restaurants with local, eclectic, grit.  I mean, how many town can you go and find not 1 but 2 record shops still in business!  Where can you find 9 of 10 coffee joints are not a Starbucks or D&D?  I still don’t drink coffee, but this philosophy pays dividends when it comes to the eateries.

Places like Biscuit Head, White Duck Taco, Rezaz and 12 Bones, just to name a few, are a celebration of independent food with their neon chalk menus and tattoo clad staff.  The food is tasty, original and the menus are diverse and constantly changing.

We also grabbed some dinner at the more mainstream, Tupelo Honey, which was tasty and delivered the best tasting biscuit we ate in all Asheville.

Asheville is family friendly and an amazing town to explore for any foodie.  Not only are there so many places to discover, but their menus are so diverse you can eat at the same spot multiple times and have a vastly different experience.

As for the Biltmore Mansion, we had visited it years ago.  With 3 little ones we were eager to return.  Not to see the house.  I mean, taking a 1, 3 and 6 year old through the country’s largest historic mansion without a stroller is not my idea of a nice afternoon.  We were planning on just going to play in the lush gardens surrounding the mansion (i mean they are seriously lush).  However, on arrival things seem to have vastly changed at the Biltmore.  It’s now $50 per adult just to make it past the main gate!  Watch out Disneyland here comes the Biltmore!  We opted instead to head to a local park and let the kiddos use up their energy there before heading back on the road.

The Biltmore Mansion, years ago when it was reasonably priced :)

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