Most Bangin’ Biscuits

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CURRENT CHAMPION: The Squawking Goat @ Maple Street Biscuit Company – St Johns, FL

Their Squawking Goat = Fried Chicken + Pepper Jelly + Fried Goat Cheese Medallion in a life changing combination.  I can’t emphasize enough, this chicken and biscuit might change your life.  My buddy Chris and his wife Alex swore they hated biscuits.  Pretty sure they avoided hanging out with us several times just because they didn’t want to grab some biscuits at Maple Street.  They finally caved in.  Chris and Alex are now Maple Street regulars.  So much so they will sneak off alone at times, just to grab a Squawking Goat.

The Squawking Goat @ Maple Street Biscuit Company – courtesy of

CONTENDER: Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuit @ Biscuit Head – Asheville, NC

It is this initial showdown that inspired this entire “Most Bangin'” series.  I felt so passionate about this biscuit battle I dedicated an entire post to the Biscuit Showdown here.  Let the record state, Maple Street still stands on top!

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  1. So happy your adventure is off to such an exciting and tasty start! The squawking goat is worth squawking about. Miss y’all. Think about you every day, Love the blog. Love y’all!

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