Jackson Hole, WY: Why Wyoming? (and a bunch of states we have Banned!)

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If you read the post I made a couple ones back, you may have read Char is focusing on the photo chronology of our story (fancy way of saying taking epic pictures with equally epic captions and sharing them on Instagram), and I have been blogging.

And so not sure if she has had a chance to catch up on my writing, and so… maybe I can get a little risky here with what I am about to share.

Many moons ago, when Char and I were newlyweds… when we were dead broke… but much younger and vibrant looking because we didn’t have kids yet and were sleeping normal hours…


I’m not sure how this started.  Or what inspired it.  But I think we were sitting on these two steel folding chairs in our house (we did not have the cash to purchase furniture yet)… and we started talking about things we wanted to do in the future.  And we started to think about things we didn’t want to do.  And that included the topic of BANNING STATES.

We have always loved traveling.  We feel in love finding and exploring new places together.  And even being kinda broke at that moment, we knew we would travel again.  So we thought it best to get it out of the way and discuss every state in our great country we would never bother visiting.  Useless, random states.  The states everyone forgets are even in our country.

I am going to sound ignorant here, I know.  Hey I was much much younger.  We both were.  But with so much to see in the world, Italy… Chile… Costa Rica… California and the other “non-lame” US states… seemed like good sense to agree on what states we would ban.

So off we went…

Montana… BANNED!

Kansas… BANNED!

Utah… (I think we Banned that one too!)

South Dakota… West Virginia… Arizona… BANNED-DIDY-BANNED BAN!

And yes, Wyoming… BANNED!

Kinda funny to hear it now.  Since we have sold everything and packed into an Airstream to see… well to see most of the places we banned so long ago.

In fact, it was only a couple days ago, we are marking out our trip and Jackson, WY is at the batter’s box.  We were going back and forth, wondering if it made sense to take the extra drive and time to swing out to Wyoming or just head straight to Montana (which we are now super excited to see).

Well, I am extremely grateful to say we choose Wyoming (and the Tetons).

I can’t explain it.  We have seen hills before.  We have seen snow capped maps.  We have seen the open fields.

But there is something so different about Wyoming and the Tetons.

This the first place we have visited where we feel like we are truly just visitors amidst nature and the creatures.  The wildlife are not your neighbors.  They are the residents.  And we are just humble guests.


We saw two wild buffalo (our first sighting was a week ago at Antelope Island)… then we saw a whole herd of buffalo!  And did I mention mule deer walking outside our windows in the morning.

I don’t know what the rest of the week will hold for us or how long we will stay.  Doesn’t really matter.  Just seeing a wild herd of buffalo with our whole family… is something I am so grateful for and will long remember.  God, you really have blessed us with a gorgeous country.


Wow, what can I say…

We saw our first wild Moose!  (Right in our campground.  And were told by the rangers a moose is even more dangerous than a bear, especially when protecting it’s young.  Who knew!?!  I thought they were just slow witted and comical.)

We saw our first herd of wild bison!  About 50-100.  Right on the side of highway.  They could have roamed free.  Crossed the road.  Trampled our car. At any time.  Wild nature, wow!

We even went on a covered wagon, cowboy dinner.  Yes, I know, it’s a little touristy.  But the people were amazing.  The fiddle-filled cowboy music was foot-stomping fun.  And the bbq chicken and beans were grade A.

And my favorite, the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  Unassuming on the inside, grand on the inside.  Could have spent hours in just one room.  That good.  A must-see!  And the museum restaurant, Wild Sage, is on point.  Had buffalo pastrami for the first time.  Everything you love about pastrami, salty and meaty, with a newfound creaminess.  Bang.


We almost didn’t go to the Teton’s.  So many places to see.  So many miles to cover.  Glad my wife, as usual, had the wisdom and insight to give the extra push for us to stop here.  Wyoming, you’re gorgeous.  Glad we got to visit.  We will fondly remember you =)





4 thoughts on “Jackson Hole, WY: Why Wyoming? (and a bunch of states we have Banned!)

  1. With a heavy heart I’m adjusting to your decision to move to Florida and maybe permanently. BUT both of us cant forget the sacrifices you’ve made (surprise visit with Sarai and your 3 day stay over when we first moved) to keep in touch and connected. We’re truly Blessed and deeply grateful. Love to ALL…… Papi

  2. Wyoming is a state we’d love to see. So glad y’all got to experience it & all those other “banned states”. :)

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