La Grande, OR: How Did We End Up Here & Where Are We Anyhow…

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Last I wrote, we were traveling through Portland.  Eating the best ice cream on the planet and enjoying our favorite city so far…

So what happened next?

Well, two things actually.  First, we are homeless.  Well that’s not really accurate.  Because we pull our home behind us.  Better phrase is maybe our home is homeless…

Summer as I mentioned is nuts.  We could not find a single decent place neat Portland to stay.  We found one spot… which was… um…. located behind some industrial buildings right next to a railroad.  We decided we’d be checking out upon arrival.

Our next stop is Boise, ID.  Why?  For the heat… the culture.. the potatoes?  No, for Airstream repairs.  Nothing major, just some bad switches and lock that needs some repair.  Bunch of little things.  There are only a few dozen Airstream dealerships nation-wide and this is the closet one to us.

And so…

With nowhere to stay round Portland and a long haul ahead to Boise, we figured we start making our way there.

I found a spot with a full week vacancy, well rated too, in La Grande, OR.

The spot itself was nice.  And the summer heat has finally set up.  Mid-day it feels like we are all being cooked like frankfurters inside Mr. Wizard tin can oven experiment.  (Yes, Mr. Wizard where are you now!?!)  Oh and that’s another reason we are going to Boise, our AC needs a little work.

Our stay is uneventful.  Nearby the town offers a pretty sweet library and a nice little mid-week farmer’s market where we buy some micro-greens and milk thistle honey.

The big highlight of the week is little Noemzies turns TWO!

As usual, my beautiful wife exercises her gift for making things beautiful. 

The celebration is simple, intimate and memorable.  And one we will long remember.



The girls all can’t wait next week for Boise… because I told them we’d have some sort of a “real” house and they can’t wait to run around.  Until then… Happy Birthday Noemzies!

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