Port Orford, OR: The Unearthly Oregon Coast, Yet So Vaguely Familiar…

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Our journey continues down the Oregon coast, this week at Cape Blanco State Park in Port Orford.  Just one more Oregon stop after this until we begin our tour of California…

Enjoy these picture and the captions inspired by the Oregon Coast…


“Where are YOU going?”

“…looks like I’m going nowhere…”


“What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators.”


“Sand-people scare easily… but they’ll be back and in greater numbers.”


“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”


“This droid says he belongs to Obi Wan Kenobi… is he a relative of yours?”

Really Luke???

Old Ben Kenobi and Obi Wan Kenobi… you need help piecing this together?  I guess Jedi powers don’t include the powers of simple deductive reasoning.  I mean, I know you haven’t begun you’re training yet, but c’mon!

You have to admire Ben Kenobi’s patience on this one.  Ben Kenobi’s reply, “But of course I know him.  He’s me.”  Complete with that charming, sweet grandpa smile.

I have to admit, if I was Ben Kenobi… I just single-handedly scared off a hoard of tuscan raiders… I am at arm’s length of a droid containing the secret plans of a battle station that can decimate the entire peace of the galaxy… and my future apprentice is asking me, “Old Ben Kenobi”, if I ever heard or have any clue whatsoever who “Obi Wan Kenobi” is… my response would have been vastly different.

I probably would have started immediately looking for a replacement apprentice down at the cantina bar.  Maybe the saxophone player from the band… or that weird looking vampire guy in the corner… he looks like he’d be good in a fight.

I’m just saying.

Still, best trilogy ever…

Oh and yes, the Oregon coast sure is lovely.

3 thoughts on “Port Orford, OR: The Unearthly Oregon Coast, Yet So Vaguely Familiar…

  1. You’re our only hope Obi Wan… teehee Looks like you were on Tatooi? (I’m obviously not the aficionado you are) But I use that line a lot. btw, Sandy & I will be in Redding first week of Nov. When will y’all be there?

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