Harris Beach, OR: An epic end to an epic coast…

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Maybe it’s because it’s still early in the morning…

Maybe it’s because once again I am playing catchup on telling our story…

But I am feeling a bit nostalgic.  By time you’re reading this, we are already gone.  The Oregon Coast is 2 weeks behind us.

I really didn’t know what if anything to expect from the Oregon beaches.  I sorta didn’t even realize Oregon had a coast until we got here (of course, geometrically it made sense they would have to have a coast), but I just never equated Oregon with beaches.


What we discovered was precious.  And beautiful.  Each beach rich with tide pools.  Shore lines covered with boulders.  Mountains encasing the horizon.

And every time our little tribe would step down onto those sands there was always something new to uncover…



I will miss the Oregon Coast.

Far too cold for our thin Floridian blood, but epic nonetheless.  And so grateful we planned to stay here a full month going from Newport to Cape Blanco and finishing in Harris Beach.


We also had to take in some of the more local stuff, like the county fair which as a half hour away.  I forgot what county it was.  But they boasted to be the “only” Oregon county fair on the beach.  Which technically is was not on the beach.  Just overlooking the beach which was still nice.

There’s something special about taking in the “local” stuff when your in a area.  A slide of life.  Like a piece of pie that doesn’t come a box.


As you can see from the cover photo, we also made our first venture to the Red Woods.  I absolutely love the picture Char captured here.  The kiddos spent almost an hour just running around and playing in the trees…


So we bid adieu to the Oregon coast.  Perhaps we will explore your tide pools again.  Embrace your solitude.  Or pick up another piece of “Nereocystis luetkeana” – a common seaweed found all along the coast.  May we treasure the times we turned that long rubbery seaweed into a lasso, a trumpet, a jump rope, a whip and played…


Onward we move.  Time to officially cross into California.  First stop, Redding and Bethel Church…


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