PaperDollPioneers LIVE On “The Truth About Marketing” With Kevin Rogers!

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Just the other day I was speaking to a good friend of mine, Scott, who we met at the Full-Time Family Rally in Tallahassee…

Scott and I were talking about life on the road and our adventures.  When Scott asked me what is always a strange and awkward question…

“So Damian… I still don’t even know, what do you do exactly?”

I snickered.

For years, when my wife’s family would ask her the same question she would just reply, “Damian is the internet mafia.”

Yes, I am Italian.

No, I don’t do anything illicit.

But Yes again, I work on the internet.

I was recently invited to speak on a podcast with a colleague and new friend, Kevin Rogers on his podcast “The Truth About Marketing.”

On Kevin’s podcast, I share a bit of my journey as an entrepreneur.

And for those of you who may have found yourself here by listening to Kevin’s podcast, welcome :)

As you will quickly see, there is a huge gap in the posts on my blog.  That’s because we switched to updating everyone on our journey and whereabouts via our PaperDollPioneers Instagram account (you can follow us here).

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